HVPE Reactor for Bulk GaN growth

3N1x2  Reactor is a vertical single wafer Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy (HVPE) reactor for mass production of GaN crystals with thickness up to 5 mm and diameter of 52 mm (2 inches). A 76mm (3 inches) version is available on demand.

HVPE Reactor for GaN and AlN growth
3N1x2 HVPE Reactor for bulk GaN growth
  • Epitaxial GaN deposition rates up to 400 um/h
  • Bulk epitaxial Aluminum Nitride AlN deposition (optional)
  • Bulk epitaxial Gallium Oxide Ga2O3 deposition (optional)
  • All metal/ceramics design, no fragile quartz ware
  • Convenient precursor handling: no boats with molten metals inside the reactor  (proprietary external boat design)
  • Load lock chamber for continuous operation
  • Doping options: C, Si, Ge, Sn, transition metals (Fe, Ti, V, Zr, Nb, Mo, Hf, Ta, W)
  • Thin-film deposition options for buffer layers and coating: AlN, BN, Si3N4, transition metal nitrides (TiN, NbN, … ), DLC-carbon.
  • Type: vertical, hot-wall
  • Capacity: one substrate, 52 mm diameter (76 mm diameter – option)
  • Process temperature: 500C – 1200C (500C-1500C – optional)
  • Substrate rotation: 1 – 100 rpm
  • Process pressure: 1 – 800 Torr
  • Automated control with custom SCADA software
Bulk GaN  crystals with diameter 52 mm and thickness of 5 mm, grown in 3N1x2 Reactor:


 To place an order, please contact info@trinitri.ru.