About us

TRINITRI was started in 2006 in St.-Petersburg, Russia, to develop a new technology platform for Gallium Nitride based devices manufacturing.

From 1994 up to 1997 key researchers of «TRINITRI» were involved in studying of physical properties of GaN at the University of Bristol, England.

From 1997 to 2006 the our team worked for Taiwanese company «АRIMA-Optoelectronic» in St.Petersburg. The aim was to design and develop technology for mass production of white LEDs in Taiwan. Our technologies were protected by 24 patents at USA, Taiwan, Japan and EC. New plant «АRIMA-Optoelectronic» had started to operate after three years.

In 2006 we have found «TRINITRI» JSC in which, up to now, we are developing a new technology process chain for next generation GaN-based devices, including high-purity GaN crystal growth, epi-polishing, device structure epitaxy and thin film transfer.